Google Pay Mumbai Events Answer – Win Rs.20-100 Instantly Bank


Google Pay Mumbai Events Answer – Win Rs.20-100 Instantly Bank

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Now Google Pay Has Another City Specific Event. In Next Go India Game Event, You Have To Visit The Mumbai City From 7th To 9th November In Go India Game & You Will Receive Assured Scratch Card From That.

This offer is available for all users who have currently joined Google Pay-Go India Offer. You just need to reach Mumbai City in India Map and Just Give the Correct Answers to the asked questions.

Here many users are searching and asking for Mumbai City Tickets to Complete their India tour to earn up to Rs.501 from GPay Go India Offer. Here we will try to cover almost all cities, and we will share extra City Tickets on Our Telegram Channel too. So You guys can join our @Powertrickk Telegram Channel to Get City Tickets for Free.

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Google Pay-Go India Mumbai Event Question and All Answers

1. Mumbai’s famous Marine Drive is Located in Which Part of the City?

Answer: South Mumbai

2. The Wankhede stadium is Mumbai hosted the finals of which major men’s Cricket tournament that India Won?

Answer: 2011 World Cup (50 Overs)

3. The Mumbai Dabbawallas are know for :

Answer: Delivering hot lunches to customers

4. Which of the Following is not a Maharashtrian Food Specialty?

Answer: Vada Sambhar

5. Your found a buyer for your old furniture just before Diwali. To receive the money the buyer has asked to follow and next Steps on Google Pay payment request sent to you. You reach to enter UPI PIN screen. You Should

Answer: Never open GPay or enter UPI to Receive Money

6. How many islands were merged together through land reclarnation to form present day mumbai

Answer: 7

7. Many International cricketers started at this cricket ground / academy situated in Central Mumbai

Answer: Shivaji Park

8. The Mumbai dabbawallas are known for:

Answer: Delivering Hot lunches to customers

9. Which of the following is not a Maharashtra Food Speciality

Answer: Vada Sambhar

10. Coming Soon


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