Zingoye PayPal Offer: Get Free Rs 158 Free Paytm Cash for all Users | Offe Trick


Zingoye PayPal Offer: Get Free Rs 158 Free Paytm Cash for all Users

Zingoye PayPal Offer: Today Zingoye PayPal Offer launched get free Rs 158 free Paytm Cash For all Usrs, so today will Explain How to get free Rs 158 Paytm cash for all Users.

Paypal Offer: Visit Now

Download: Click Here

Zingoye PayPal Offer: So This offer trick today i’ll give you new Zingoye PayPal Offer in this Offer You will get free Rs 158 free Paytm cash, Just doing some Step.

PayPal New Loot

How to Get Free Rs 158 free Paytm cash?

First of all Visit This Site to Sing Up Paypal #1 Click here

2. Now Sing Up With this app & Get Master Card For apply This offer .. Also Add Rs 442 To the Wallet.

3. Now Go to Zingoy Site & Sing UP

4. Then Search Paytm Gift Card/ Zingoy Gift Card also.

5. If the Paytm Gift Card Not Availabel Then Bu Zingoy Gift Card.

6. Buy Zingoy Gift Card 400 Rs (#1 Q) & Payment Paypal

7. Now Add Master card which is you had to get in wtm app

8. Now Payment then After Payment you will get Rs 200 Cashback on Paypal Account

9. Now again Buy Rs 200 Zingoy Gift Card & Payment Paypal #Free

10. Done !!! After Buy Gift Card….. Then You can Buy Paytm Gift Card When will be Avilable Paytm Gift Card.

11. Then Add Paytm wallet Gift Card.

Offer Terms & Condition: 
A new offer in launched in Zingoy & Paypal by which everyone is going to be free at 200 , then you will have to follow the full detail for people, then I will find the whole detail that will go to 200. And that can also transfer in Paytm . First of all you should have a Master card where you will find account. You should have a PayPal account. Apart from the right now. You will have to go to the Zingoy website that will have to buy 400 Rs Zingoy Gift Card or Paytm Gift Card. You will now have to pay the 200 cashback by 50% by the Paypal, you will get a good cashback from 50%, and immediately. The card card will get to buy it from 200. Now it will get the card card and the cards in 200 in the Paypal wallet.


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