Paytm New KYC Update – Paytm Official Update


Paytm New KYC Update

Hi Guys this is Offer-Trick Today new update launched from paytm For KYC.

Paytm New KYC Update:

1, If you did not Mini Kyc than now you cann’t kyc

With lot of telecom operators stopping services, some of our users are not able to get access to their old Paytm accounts as they can’t receive login OTP. Further, when they take a new number and try to do KYC with Aadhaar , there is a high chance that Aadhaar is already linked to their old account and can’t be used again on new number
paytm kyc problem

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Paytm New KYC Update:

In case you don’t have access to the old number or you have created another account with new number, we can help update your new number in old account. If You Can Not Access Please Contact Paytm Coustomer Service.

Follow Step By Step How to do Kyc

***Managing my Paytm Account

1, I am unable to access my Account

2. Select appropriate option from the page that opens and send us exact details in the following format by clicking on ‘Message us’ button:

3. Mobile number of the Paytm account which you are not able to access

4. confirmation e-mail or SMS screenshot for money received in your Paytm account registered with old/inaccessible mobile number OR

5. you can share police complaint or FIR copy in case you have lost your phone OR
6. if your account is KYCed, please share linked KYC documents
New number which you want to update in this account
7. If the new number is already registered with Paytm, please share debit/credit card statement reflecting money added to your new Paytm account OR
8. confirmation e-mail or SMS screenshot for money received in Paytm account registered with this new mobile number
9. Once we receive and validate these documents, we will update new number in your old account which is already KYCed and hence you don’t need to do KYC again.



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