Paytm Loot – Get Free Rs 100 GOLD


Paytm new offer launched for GOLD, Get Free Gold worth of Rs 100 after Scan & Pay 10 Times of Nearby Shop or you Mearchant Account.

Get Free GOLD Worth of Rs. 100
Get Free Rs 100 GOLD


How to Get Free Rs. 100 Gold free?

1, Download this Paytm Apps Old Versoin.

2, Go to Cashback offer

3. Resister paytm app or login

4. Now you will see 10 Pe 100 GOLD OFFER

5. Activited this offer

6. Now, Pay using Scan & Pay per day 1 Count

7. After 10 TIME Pay in 10 Days then you will get Free Rs. 100 gold free

Paytm Loot – Get Free Rs 100 GOLD

Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • Scan Paytm QR code & pay using Paytm UPI 10 times at nearby shops to get ₹100 goldback
  • Only one valid Paytm UPI payment per day will be counted in the offer

How to do a valid payment
*1. Scan the shop’s QR code
*2. Enter amount (minimum ₹20)
*3. Select the UPI/linked bank account option for payment
*4. Enter your PIN to complete the payment

  • Offer is applicable across India at Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, Dairy outlets, Pharmacies, Parking, Auto/taxi Rides, Hospitals, Automobile Services, Beauty & Fitness etc. on payments done by scanning the QR Code and selecting the UPI/linked bank account option at selected merchants registered with Paytm.
  • In order to get ₹100 goldback the user needs to complete 10 payments within 45 days of unlocking the offer
  • Minimum amount of each payment should be ₹20
  • One payment will be counted in only one offer at any given point in time.
  • Registered Paytm merchants cannot avail this offer to get goldback
  • If you do not activate the offer, your payments will not get linked to the offer
  • Offer is applicable in Android and ios app version 7.0.0 and above.


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