(New) BHIM UPI LOOT – Get Free Rs 70 on my Airtel App – 7 Pe 70 | Aug 2018 | Offer trick


BHIM UPI LOOT – Get Free Rs 70 on my Airtel App

BHIM UPI LOOT- 7 pe 70 Bhim UPI offer

 Hi Guys, hope you doing very well, now i am back with another BHIM Upi offer in this trick you will get FREE Rs 70 Rupes. today mornining i have posted FREE Paytm Cash Rs 50 giving free cashback. so in this bhim upi offer you will get Rs 70 free on My Airtel App.

so… Follow Steep By Steep:

Airtel Bhim Upi offer
  1. Download the Apps Click here
  2. SingUp with Mobile Number.
  3. Now. set the Bhim UPI
  4. Then Link The Bank Account
  5. Now, Set to To Transfer Money through BHIM UPI
  6. You need to transfer money 7 time with 7 uniqe UPI ID
  7. Per Transection Should be Rs 7000
  8. Aftrer complet 7 Upi transectin You Will get Rs 70 Cashback on My Airtel Apps.
Airtel Bhim Upi offer

Also Follow image in this Section BHIM UPI offer Ico

Airtel Bhim Upi offer

Offer Details:

I will again tell the condition of this offer and once in this offer you will get 70 cashback ₹ 70. What you need to do to get Rs. 70 Now we tell you to get 70 to get you 7,000 by Bhim UPI Transaction has to be done for total 7 times transaction, and also on different Bhim UPi ID, after 7 days of transaction, ₹ 70 cashback will be available.

This step of the offer is very easy if you have two accounts then you can apply this offer very easily. How to apply Now you have to tell if you have 2 accounts then link an account to My Airtel app.

and after downloading the 7 application to another bank account, then link to Bhim UPi in the application which has a Bhim UPi gender If you have to download that application.

then it will be very easy to transfer all the money in your account. After 7 days of transaction, ₹ 70 cashback will be available.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is applicable for all bank account and Airtel Wallet customers who send/pay money using BHIM UPI on MyAirtel app.
  • All transactions with a minimum value of Rs. 7000 or above will be considered for eligibility calculation.
  • A cash back of Rs 70 will be given to all the eligible customers post completing 7 UPI transaction to unique/different handles. Multiple transactions done on same handle will be counted as one.
  • Cash back will be credited within 72 business hours in Wallet for Airtel Wallet customers OR Saving Account for Airtel Saving Account customers.
  • Offer is valid on both send/pay money using BHIM UPI on MyAirtel App on collect request received from any source on the BHIM UPI ecosystem.
  • Offer is applicable for all customers who will be doing send/pay money using BHIM UPI on MyAirtel App.
  • One user can get max of Rs 70 cash back under this offer.
  • Offer valid from 3rd August 00:00 hrs to 16th Aug 23:59 hrs.
  • Airtel Payments Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Airtel Payments Bank user(s) from the benefits of this offer in case of any fraudulent activity/suspicious transactions.
  • Airtel Payments Bank also reserves the right to discontinue this offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • In addition to the above, this offer is also subject to Airtel Payments Bank’s General Terms & Conditions available


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