Earn Per Refer Rs. 51 Instant FREE Paytm Cash | Offer Trick


Earn Per Refer Rs. 51 Instant FREE Paytm Cash

Refer & Earn Rs. 51 Per Refer: SharkID New Offer Launched get Free Rs. 51 per Refer also You can Eran Rs.  43,815. just need to 3 Refer.

welcome to Offer Trick today new offer Launched in SharkID Where You can Earn Rs.  43,815 free Paytm Cash.

Earn Per Refer Rs. 51 Instant FREE Paytm Cash
Earn Per Refer Rs. 51 Instant FREE Paytm Cash

Earn Per Refer Rs. 51 Instant FREE Paytm Cash

First Of all Download This Apps – CLICK HERE

2. Now Singup with Mobile Number

3. Now Go to Offer/Deal on left site top Cornor

4. Now Participate on this Offer >> Click Invite Get Invite Link & Share With Your Friends

5. Done

Now You can Earn Rs. 51 per Refer also Earn 43,815 After 3 Refer

Know More This Offer:

How by referring once can I earn 6 Times?
You earn when you refer user A – Level 1
You earn when A refers user B – Level 2
You earn when B refer user C – Level 3

Similarly, you earn when C refer user D – Level 4
Also, you earn when D refer user E – Level 5
Finally, you earn when E refer user F – Level 6
Refer Once, Earn Six times. Biggest MLM Offer

Earn upto Rs. 51/Referral, as shown below
Level 1: When you Refer A, you earn Rs. 7/Referral
Level 2: When A Refers B, you earn Rs. 9/Referral
Level 3: When B Refers C, you earn Rs. 11/Referral
Level 4: When C Refers D, you earn Rs. 14/Referral
Level 5: When D Refers E, you earn Rs. 21/Referral
Level 6: When E Refers F, you earn Rs. 51/Referral

Refer 3, Wait & Earn upto Rs. 43,815
– Refer 3 friends & ask them to refer 3 more.
– If chain contiues till Level 6, your net earning will be Rs.43,815
– The more your refer, higher will be your chances of winning Rs.43,815

How to get started?
Step 1: Read the offer completely & click on Participate
Step 2: Call your friends, tell about SharkID, tell them to install SharkID clicking your referral link
Step 3: After they install SharkID, send them a friend request or ask them to accept your request

1st Payout : After Completion of 1st Level
2nd Payout : After Completion of 2nd and 3rd Level
3rd Payout : After Completion of 4th Level
4th Payout : After Completion of 5th and 6th Level

How to refer?
If you are new to SharkID ask your friend to teach you how to refer or click here CLICK HERE.

Important Conditions:
1. This offer is for Individuals only, not YouTubers.
2. You have to refer minimum 3 friends.
3. After you have earned money, you have to redeem money within 24 hours or money will get lapsed. So keep checking app, daily.
4. Please do go through our general terms & conditions.
6. Offer is valid till 31 March 2019




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